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Headpones Recommended - Podsafe Music Podcast

Hello, all! Welcome to Headpones Recommended*. 


As you can see, I have not put much effort into the aesthetics of this webpage. It is all about the open music. This podcast is meant to serve as a resource look for free, legal music to use for their podcasts or other projects. Currently available via RSS feed, iTunes, and Google Play. Most of the music comes from:,,,, .

Other good resources,  

 If you have requests for certain themes, categories of music, let me know. I like a challenge. :)

Also, if you'd like to listen to my anti-audio drama about music you can go to

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Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International 


*The typo is intentional. 

May 24, 2019

This episode was inspired by a conversation at the Audio Drama Hub, a Facebook group for people who create audio dramas. I asked for suggestions of music that was needed for podcasts, and live concert music was suggested. It took a lot of poking around the internet to find a wide variety of genres: rock, jazz,...

Apr 27, 2019

reggae [ reg-ey ]   noun

a style of Jamaican popular music blending blues, calypso, and  rock-'n' roll, characterized by strong syncopated rhythm and lyrics  of social protest.  

Music credits:


(Intro) Zap Master by Breakmaster Cylinder Public Domain

Mar 20, 2019




CCMixter is a music community hosting tens of thousands of songs that have been used in 1 million videos and games all over the world.


Looking for CC music: use

Artist wanting to remix: use





String Trio...

Feb 7, 2019

Spacesynth AKA Space Disco AKA Italo-Disco AKA early 1980s European American synthesize dance music.

There used to be a great website about spacesynth music but it was taken down just before the release date. Here is a good write up with examples from Slackjackerz


Jan 1, 2019

Although I put more popular genres of music first, I am been waiting for a while to post this episode. I can think of so many reasons why podcasters would same noise in their shows. Maybe it is horror or a thriller and they just want to score to make their listeners feel uneasy. Or maybe there are diagetic uses – an...